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GLOSSYBOX May 2014 - Bergdorf Goodman

A plurk buddy of mine recommended GLOSSYBOX to me in May, and I was just in time to sign up for the Bergdorf Goodman box. The box costs $21/month but right off the bat I knew I would be receiving a $25 gift card to Bergdorf Goodman. So, it seemed a no-brainer to try out this subscription.

This box sold out pretty quickly, I ordered it mid-May and the box arrived on my doorstep June 2nd. Right away I was excited because the packaging was EXCEPTIONAL.  It's a very sturdy purple box and when you open it, there is a lovely sticker with a ribbon around the packaging. If I were to gift any box, this one would be one of my top choices.

Not even including the giftcard, the haul for this box was PHENOMENAL! I was sort of surprised this box didn't sell out faster because they announced pretty early in May that there would be a $25 giftcard in the box. So for those of you, kicking yourselves, just remember to jump on board next time!

1. This sample was so cleverly packaged! The Napoleon Perdis - Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer comes in 7 individual one-time-use packs. The full-size product ($45) comes in a 1.7 oz tube, but would love to see it come just like the sample. The product would stay fresher this way.  The primer really works well with and without moisturizer. It helped my foundation glide smoothly over the face.

2. The Revive - Intensite Volumizing Eye Serum is one decadent product! The tiny .5oz full-size bottle costs a shocking $350!  I had HIGH hopes for this product due to the price.  It did a fabulous job smoothing my creases and making my under eye bags much less visible. AMAZING! The price is out of my reach but I'm going to savor every little dab of this product until I'm out.

3. I along with everyone else LOVED the Alterna - Caviar CC Cream!  I used this as a finisher on my dry hair, it smoothed easily without weighting my hair down. It also made it very shiny and calmed fly-a-ways. I've also used this on damp hair and it makes my hair more manageable and soft! It's one of the best hair products I've ever used. It's the first product in any of my boxes that I've went to purchase immediately. The price is VERY reasonable at $25 for 2.5oz. Unfortunately it's currently sold out, but I will be checking back to purchase.

4. The Atelier Cologne - Rose Anonyme Cologne Absolue was a pleasant surprise. At first, I felt the scent was too much but I admittedly did a no no and sniffed from the bottle. Once I placed a tiny dab on my wrist, I really loved how it smelled. You'll note some strong floral elements but also some base scents rooted in musk. I'm very picky with perfumes and this one is so unique and very feminine. Strong floral elements but also some base scents rooted in musk. It's very elegant and you'll stand out with such a beautiful perfume. Remember a little goes a long way! I have some other perfumes I would purchase before this one, but I'll be adding the $140 full-size (3.4 oz) to my wish list.

5.  I've used the Lancer - Lift Serum Intense sample everyday for over a week, and my skin is so incredibly smooth. My skin feels new and fresh. I already had minimal wrinkles and haven't noticed a change but am very pleased with the overall appearance of my skin. It's price is prohibitive for me at $275 for the full-size (.85 oz), but I'm going to use this every day until it runs out. If you can afford this, be sure to go the link above, Glossybox shoppers get 10% off purchases using the Promo Code: BGBOX.

6. The Hourglass Cosmetics - Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara is a very high end mascara that retails for $28 in the full-size (.35 oz).  I really loved this brush and the product went on smooth. Even with multiple coats, it held up well without clumping.

7. Of course I loved using my $25 Bergdorf Goodman Gift Card!  Honestly it was the first thing I used.  I purchased some Shiseido Facial Cottons, Clinique Nail Enamel in Juiced Up and a Lancome Nail Enamel in Vernis in Love. My total was $37, there were no taxes and shipping was free. Yes, I ended up spending a bit more than the card, but honestly it was worth it!

Glossybox Cost:  $17.85 [Used promo code for monthly]

May '14 Glossybox Contents / Approximate Value:
1. Napoleon Perdis - Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer (0.21 fl oz)- $5.56
2. Revive - Intensite Volumizing Eye Serum (0.1 fl oz) - $70
3. Alterna - Caviar CC Cream (0.85 fl oz) - $8.50
4. Atelier Cologne - Rose Anonyme Cologne Absolue  (0.24 fl oz) - $9.88
5. Lancer - Lift Serum Intense (0.17 fl oz) - $55
6. Hourglass Cosmetics - Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara (0.15 oz) - $12
7. Bergdorf Goodman Gift Card - $25

May '14 Glossybox Approximate Value: $185.94

This was an amazing box, and it really set my expectations high for other boxes. They have a great referral program as well, you earn 200 points for every person you refer.  Each month they send out a survey for each product, you receive 20 points for each survey you complete. For each 1000 GLOSSYdots you earn, you can redeem for 1 free GLOSSYBOX.

If you want to get your own Glossybox subscription, leave your email in the comments and I'll send you a referral invite so you can get a bonus coupon.

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